What I have Achieved 

In my various roles in local government, I have led the teams responsible for several successful solutions to some of the City’s most pressing, high profile challenges, including:

  • The rollout of MyCiti, South Africa’s flagship metro bus service

  • Implementing a turnaround strategy for housing delivery that saw us exceed the City’s delivery target for the first time in 18 years, and

  • Leading the court case to prevent SANRAL from implementing e-tolling on Cape Town’s highways.

 My Mission 

Thousands of voters placed their trust and hope in the DA to work towards improving their lives and future.  Many did so even though they have yet to experience any material improvement in their lives since the dawn of democracy. By moving towards something GOOD we now have a real chance to honour voters by delivering on neglected promises!

My mission is to restore that trust and hope.

 My Plan For South Africa 

I am committed to building a South Africa that is spatially transformed from its Apartheid history and legacy. I want to build a South Africa that is spatially, socially, economically and environmentally just.

I believe that achieving a just and equitable South Africa starts with addressing our history of linking race and space. Achieving a socially and economically equitable and inclusive South Africa requires us to address the question of spatial justice.

Social, economic and environmental justice cannot be achieved without addressing the very foundation of the Apartheid policy: That people needed to be separated according to their race.  

This policy resulted in black, coloured and Indian South Africans being forcefully removed from their homes and dumped in racially exclusive townships far removed from jobs, services and amenities that white South Africans enjoyed and took for granted.

The legacy of depriving South Africans of their homes, or denying some South Africans the right to even own a home, is evident in our South African democracy today.

In fact, successive democratic South African governments have perpetuated and entrenched this exclusion, and urban sprawl, through the development of poorly located public housing.

I want to see a South Africa that embraces a simple truth: Where people live matters!

 My Role at the good party 

I am the Secretary General of the GOOD movement. 

Patricia De Lille started the GOOD movement on 2 December 2018 and I serve on the interim leadership structure.  This interim leadership structure will be in place while we establish traditional and digital branches so that we can eventually hold a national conference to elect the movement’s leadership.

As the Secretary-General I am responsible for some of the day-to-day operations of the movement and for its strategy for growth.

The 2019 General Elections saw GOOD buck the trend – by being one of the only new political parties to receive enough votes to secure seats in two legislatures: the National Assembly and the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. 

I was elected to serve in the Western Cape Parliament.