Track Record

In my various roles I have led or participated in the planning and implementation of a
number of solutions to some of the City’s most pressing challenges, such as:

  • The rollout of MyCiti, which has become South Africa’s most successful Bus Rapid Transit system. Annual passenger trips increased more than 6 fold in the first 5 years of operation. Today, MyCiTi has provided more than 85 million passenger journeys - the majority to commuters who would otherwise have had no other choice but to get in to cars and taxis, further adding to the city’s congestion.
  • In the 2017/18 year we exceeded the City’s housing delivery target for the first time since the Cape Town metro was established 18 years ago. Delivery almost doubled inside of 2 years since I took responsibility for this portfolio. Through further innovative planning and streamlining, we are now on track to nearly double our delivery rate again within 4 to 5 years. These results are being achieved as national delivery rates decline.
  • Initiating the City’s landmark decision to roll out basic services to families living as backyard tenants. I am particularly proud of what was achieved for the Backyarders. In 2009 I, as a freshman councilor, visited families living in backyards in Hanover Park. These citizens had no access to water, electricity or sanitation. I immediately submitted a motion to the Housing Portfolio Committee calling for the city to provide basic services to Backyarders. Today, Cape Town is the first and only city in South Africa rolling out services to thousands of families living in backyards.
  • Within months of appointment as Mayoral Committee Member for Transport in 2011, I led the restructuring of the Transport, Roads and Stormwater department into Transport for Cape Town. This has enabled the directorate to pursue the assignment of all land based public transport functions – ensuring the administration aligns with the DA manifesto and policies on transport.
  • I initiated and led a mammoth high court case to prevent Sanral from implementing mandatory tolling of highways in Cape Town. The case was complex, but in the end we defeated e-tolling. As a result, by percentage of household income, StatsSA has confirmed that transport costs for the average Capetonian are lower than in any other metro in the country!
  • As Ward Councillor I championed and secured services to a small informal settlement in Walmer Estate, worked with the Provincial Government to fast- track title to apartheid-era housing in Walmer Estate, funded and delivered a World Design Capital Ward Project – a Skateboard Park at Woodstock Town Hall and provided every household within my ward with a printed “mid-term report” on my work in the ward. In 2012 I was recognized as “Councillor of the Year” for service to the city.
  • We implemented the country’s first Jobseekers Travel Concession. As soon as our national Local Government 2016 Manifesto was published, my team worked towards the implementation of the party’s promise of free public transport for job-seekers. We have implemented our pilot programme and are refining a more expansive proposal as we learn from our data.

Building Better Communities

As a child, my father taught me a great lesson about servant leadership: “those who are able to speak have a duty to do so for those who cannot”.