DA's narrow George by-election win under investigation

Statement by Brett Herron, Secretary General of GOOD

*DA’s narrow George by-election win under investigation* 

24 July 2019

The DA’s narrow by-election win in Borcherds, George, is under investigation.

Last week GOOD fell just eight votes short of winning the by-election in the Southern Cape town. It was the first by-election the party has ever contested. 

On voting day, a number of GOOD supporters complained that they were denied access to voting stations by officials. We lodged a complaint on their behalf with the IEC.  

I have been in correspondence with the IEC.  So far, almost 20 voters claim to have been refused a ballot and many have deposed affidavits of their being denied the right to vote. We are providing this information directly to the IEC.

Some people say they are scared or were intimidated. One voter deposed an affidavit that the DA threatened that she would not get a house in the new housing scheme.

GOOD has committed its full support to the IEC in their further investigations of this