Brett Herron

My Mission

Restore trust

Cape Town is a world class city in Africa. We must restore the faith and trust our residents, and the world, should have in our City, our Government & our Country.

Our citizens put their faith and trust in us to improve the quality of their lives and to build a city that will give their children a better future. Thousands of these voters did so even though they had yet to experience any material improvement in their lives since the dawn of democracy.

Unfortunately, since this time our local government has been through a protracted period of instability and infighting. Our residents deserve better from us. We cannot fail to honour their trust and to deliver on our promises.

My mission is to restore the faith and trust our residents have in our city, government and party. We can achieve this by restoring unity of purpose in the caucus and city administration as we refocus on delivery and the promise of the DA’s Manifesto.

I believe that the new Mayor of Cape Town must have vision, passion, care, courage, humility, experience and a proven track record of delivery. I know I can meet this mandate. To accomplish on this mission, we must:

  • Ensure stable local government leadership
  • Create a more accessible, engaged public service
  • Improve financial and social sustainability
  • Deliver job-creating economic growth
  • Realize safer communities
  • Deliver housing and access to land
  • Improve transport
  • Plan for a climate-uncertain future

I care deeply about our city and all people who live in it. Public service is a privilege and I will humbly and tirelessly work towards achieving a better life for all who live here.


Cape Town is a special city. It has the greatest potential of all South African cities to attract investment and talent, create jobs and lift people out of poverty and unemployment. For all of us to live in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable city we have to see addressing inequality and exclusion as our collective task and duty. I pledge to lead our City in the spirit of collaboration to address these challenges and to build a City that is not satisfied with anyone being left behind."

— Brett Herron, MMC Transport & Urban Development