My Experience


I am proud to be a member of a political party that embraces the principles of freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity.
As a child during the apartheid era, I accompanied my father on weekend visits as he worked to improve conditions in Durban’s townships.

I was acutely aware of the vast inequalities in South African society, and also of the potential of local government to transform lives. My father taught me a simple lesson about servant leadership and responsibility: that those who are able to speak out have a duty to do so for those who cannot.

I studied law and started an anti-apartheid student organisation before qualifying and working in South Africa and the USA. I returned to South Africa in 2001 and started up and still own a very successful law school. In 2009 I entered politics to offer my
services and skills to the people of this city.

I have proudly served the people of Cape Town over the last nine years as a member of our City’s council. From 2011 to 2016 I served as the ward councillor for the residents of Mowbray, Observatory, Woodstock, Salt River, Devils Peak and in 2012 was recognised as the “Councillor of the Year” for service to the city.

I have also served in several very senior roles, including as:

  • Chairperson of the first Social Development Portfolio Committee,
  • The Mayoral Committee (Mayco) Member for Community Services
  • The Mayco Member for Transport and, since the beginning of 2017
  • The Mayco Member for Transport and Urban Development.

This experience has ensured that I developed a thorough understanding of the city’s complex challenges. I have used this insight and experience to achieve an track record of delivery for our residents.

I am confident that I can lead our caucus in a manner that is productive, focused on the delivery of the DA mandate and united in its purpose for that. We deviate from this focus at the peril of the city, the reputation of the party and place at risk the future of our country.

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