A Plan for Accessible Government


One of the biggest complaints from residents is lack of public engagement.
Bringing people into the process of city decisions and hearing them must be a

This can only be achieved by going to them. I recently launched two affordable housing precinct projects and in both I made a commitment to working with the local communities differently: collaboratively.

A consensus-seeking approach was the model used to develop South Africa’s
constitution and can help us take government to the people, directly. As Mayor of
Cape Town I will test this model of engagement and measure its impact.

Another way to engage more effectively is to emulate what Mayor Bill Peduto of
Pittsburgh, United States, introduced in 2014: “Mayor’s Night Out / Mayor’s Night In”.
Mayor’s Night Out is when the Mayor and his staff rotate through different city
neighborhoods and invite residents to voice ideas and concerns on their own turf.

On Mayor’s Night In residents are invited to the City Hall to visit his offices and share
their thoughts with the Mayor. This programme can nurture two-way communication and democratise city