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Mar 30, 2011 6 Comments ›› Brett Herron

I am very honoured to be nominated as the Democratic Alliance’s candidate for Ward 57 in Cape Town. Following the recent demarcation of wards throughout South Africa ward 57 is slightly different to how it looked for the 2006 local government elections. We have lost a piece of Salt River and gained a portion of Vredehoek and Devils Peak. Generally speaking the Ward runs from Devils Peak, down to District Six and Zonnebloem, Walmer Estate, University Estate, Woodstock, Observatory and a small part of Mowbray.

If you usually vote at any one of the following voting stations then you are in Ward 57:

  • Nazareth HouseBrett Herron - DA Candidate for Ward 57 Cape Town
  • Zonnebloem Primary
  • Chapel Street Primary
  • Queens Park High
  • Blackpool Sports Complex
  • Hartleyvale
  • Observatory Primary
  • Thandokulu
  • Mowbray Town Hall

If you are not sure of where to vote and would like to find out feel free to call our campaign office on 021-4225158. Alternatively you can find out from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) by sending your ID number by SMS to 32810, calling their toll-free number 0800 11 8000 or logging onto their website

The 2011 elections will be held on Wednesday 18 May 2011. If you are unable to vote at your voting station on Election Day or you are unable to travel to your voting station due to ill-health then you can apply for a Special Vote. If you need any information on Special Votes or you require assistance with an application please call our campaign office on 021-4225158.

Thank you for visiting this site. I intend to use the site to introduce myself to you and to keep you informed about campaign events. Most importantly, I intend to communicate about issues affecting our ward and our City, and to present compelling reasons why you should get up on Election Day determined to vote for the DA and for me (if you are lucky enough to live in Ward 57 J). Please visit the site often. Please also follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook.

If you would like to assist us in this campaign or on Election Day we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Mark B says:

    It is odd that Vredehoek is now part of the Obs/Woodstock political landscape as I am sure not many residents believe that they are not socially and physically connected. What infrastructural problems have you identified in Devils Peak/Vredehoek?

    What has happened to Cedric Thomas?

    • Brett Herron says:

      Hi Mark

      Thanks for making contact. The National Demarcation Board reconfigured wards across the country and promulgated that Ward 57 incorporate Devils Peak and parts of Vredehoek and Gardens. I have not come across any severe infrastructural problems in this part of the ward. The issues that have thus far been raised with me include traffic flow, business creep along Buitenkant and Derry & street people hotspots. If you are aware of any infrastructure related problems that need attention I would be pleased to hear about them. Cedric is a candidate on the DA’s PR List.



  2. Nick Brown says:

    Hi Brett. well done and welcome to our part of this beautiful city.
    We in Zonnebloem are covered by SAPS CT Central Sector 4. Dave Bryant has previously been of great assitance to us, in terms of crime and grime. As you will now be the person to contact, can we expect to see you at any of our Comminity/Police meetings? Crime Joints weekly at CT Central Police Station, or monthly CPF meetings. Many of the issues we discuss require the involvement of our local governemt representative.
    May we have an e-mail address for you and a mobile phone number?

    Nick B

  3. Nick Brown says:

    excuse spelling. N.

  4. Nick Brown says:

    Look forward to your assistance. Will pass your details on to other players in our community,

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