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Your future, and your family’s future, is here.  You will no doubt want to secure economic opportunities for yourself and your children, you will surely want a secure environment to live, work and play in, you will want to live in an inclusive City that cares about all its people, and you will expect your city government to be well-run, transparent and honest.

The DA is a party in government and voters have the opportunity to assess our success in government and compare how we govern to how the ANC governs.

Brett Herron, DA Candidate, Ward 57 Cape Town

Brett Herron, DA Candidate, Ward 57 Cape Town

Consider these facts:

  • The DA is now a party in government.  We govern in 15 municipalities across 3 provinces and we govern one of the largest metropolitan council’s in the country – Cape Town.
  • Despite a relatively short period in government our successes to date have been remarkable.
  • We can demonstrate that when it comes to service delivery there exists a clear divide between those areas where the DA governs and the rest of the country – we deliver more services, to a higher standard, to more people!


In the City of Cape Town we arrested a steady decline towards bankruptcy and chaos when we were elected to govern in 2006:

  • The economy in Cape Town has grown and more opportunities have been created.  The City’s gross geographic product increased by 12% from R116.6bn in 2005 (when the ANC governed) to R130.77bn in 2007 under the DA.
  • Compared to other cities Cape Town’s CBD is the best maintained, cleanest, safest and simply the most viable in the entire country.
  • The focus on infrastructure led growth has not compromised delivery to the poor.  On the contrary Cape Town has delivered more to its poor than any other city in South Africa.
  • Crime in the CBD declined by 90% in 5 years.  Cape Town has reintroduced specialised crime units within its Metro Police service – substance abuse, land invasions, metal theft and displaced persons.
  • Cape Town has the largest CCTV footprint in Africa and we continue to invest in its expansion.
  • Cape Town is a City where the traffic lights work and pot-holes get repaired.
  • Cape Town is clean – literally and figuratively.  At 98%, the City had the best Blue Drop (water purity) rating of all metropolitan governments in South Africa in 2010.
  • Ratings agency Moody’s found, in 2010, that Cape Town’s rating reflects its sound financial management.  The city sticks to prudent policy strategies with respect to financial, debt and liquidity management.  Moody’s said “The City of Cape Town is rated at the high end of the five metropolitan municipalities rated by Moody’s in South Africa”.
  • Empowerdex, South Africa’s biggest and best-known rating agency, found that “Cape Town is clearly the best city in the country for service delivery”.
  • The National Treasury’s August 2010 report on local government praised the City of Cape Town’s “robust financial systems” and job creation track-record (10 000 new permanent jobs and 16 000 temporary jobs).  The report also praised the City for collecting the highest proportion of its budgeted revenue of any metropolitan government in South Africa (96.4%).
  • Statistics SA’s figures for employment indicated that between the last quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, and despite a 1% rise in unemployment across the rest of South Africa, the unemployment rate in the DA-governed Western Cape had fallen by more than 1%.
  • Global Credit Rating, an international credit rating agency, awarded Cape Town one of the highest long-term debt ratings (AA-) in 2010 – putting Cape Town well ahead of ANC-run metro’s such as Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay.  The report said that the City “maintained its AA- rating from the previous year because of its good cash flows, its continuous debt collection drive and its tight management over expenditure”.
  • Cape Town was voted the Best City in Africa and the Middle East in the Conde Nast Traveler 2010 Awards.


On the 18th May 2011 you will get the opportunity to elect your city government for the next 5 years.  At the launch of the DA Manifesto in Kliptown, Patricia De Lille, the DA Mayoral Candidate, said “I am asking you to lend your vote to the DA for 5 years, if we do not govern as you would like then you can take it away and lend it to some other party”.

We need a massive turn-out of DA voters to ensure we will govern Cape Town with a clear majority.

Vote DA on the 18th May.  In Ward 57, vote for Brett Herron, the DA Candidate.

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